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FAQ & Policies

REGARDING LOCATION: We are about one-half hour from Bar Harbor, 25 minutes from the main entrance to Acadia National Park, 3 miles from multiple trails within Acadia, and 3 to 5 miles from multiple kayak entry points.

How do I set my tent up on a platform? If you have a free-standing tent, just set it up on the platform. If you need to secure the corners of the tent, there are hammers and nails provided in the woodshed.

What are the expectations for my dog? We do allow dogs. We expect that dogs are on leashes, that you pick up after them, and that they are not left behind at the site/cabin.

What do I do about the mosquitoes? Unfortunately, being in the Maine woods, we do have mosquitoes. We do not spray chemicals to get rid of them. Building a fire helps keep them away, as mosquito coils, repellent, and some citronella candles. We sell these items in the camp store.

Where do I put my trash and bottles/cans? We love it if you take your trash to the dumpster, which is down by the lower bath house near the office. There are trash cans at both sets of receptacles and at the "Y" as well. These are spots to put Maine 5-cent and 15-cent returnables (clearly marked on your beverage containers). Milk jugs are NOT returnable. Unfortunately, our garbage collector does not separately pick up glass, plastics, etc., so do not mix these in with the returnable bottles and cans.

Where can we swim or visit the closest beach? Our local town beach ("Back Beach") is a little over a mile away on Lopaus Pt. Road in Bernard. This is a great beachcombing beach and picnic spot, and at high tide, one can swim in the ocean, but like most beaches on the island, it is rocky. Echo Lake is the best local spot for swimming, with both sand beach and ledge areas. It's a 10-minute drive back through Southwest Harbor on Route 102. There is also swimming at Long Pond, Seal Harbor Beach and Sand Beach. Please note: dogs are not allowed on the national park beaches.

How do I get to Acadia National Park? By the time you've arrived here, you've already been in and out of Acadia! The park covers a large portion of the entire island. The main or most notable entrance is about 25 minutes away from us at you head toward Bar Harbor on Route 233. This entrance will take you to the ANP Visitor Center, Cadillac Mountain Road and the famous Park Loop Road. Park passes, which are required, can be purchased at the Southwest Harbor/Tremont Chamber of Commerce on Main Street, at Thompson Island, or at Hulls Cove Visitor Center, at either of the National Park campgrounds, or at the Bar Harbor Village Green, which is the hub for the free Island Explorer bus.

Within 5 miles of Quietside Campground, there are numerous hiking trails (pick up the free map at our office), and depending on the tide, many places to put in your kayak or other boat.

Where do I catch the Island Explorer bus? The closest stop, which has plenty of parking, is the Tremont School, about a mile down the road. Schedules are available at our office.

Where can I get lobster? There are two lobster pounds nearby. Lobster pounds are traditionally casual dining places where local fishermen sell their catch. Thurston's is located in Bernard, and Beal's Lobster Pier is in Southwest Harbor.

How far is it to Bar Harbor? It takes approximately 1/2 hour to get to Bar Harbor.

What is available at the office?

Ice cubes, Ice blocks, and Firewood are available whether or not the office is open. Please put money in the outside money box if the office is closed. please return milk crates for firewood when done with them. When the Office is Open the following are available:
Beverages - Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate
Anti-Bug Stuff - repellent, Candles, Mosquito Coils
Grilling Items - Hot Dog Sticks, Marshmallow Sticks, Marshmallows
• Games - Uno, Skip-Bo, Playing Cards, Yahtzee
For the Fire - Fire Starters, Magic Flames, Kindling​​

Camping Items - Rope, Tarps, Tablecloths, Headlamps

For Kids - Wind up Lights, Headlamps, Water sprayers, Sports balls, Bracelets, Glow Balls

Area Information - Maps, Brochures, Monthly Papers, Naturalist Info, Island Explorer Schedules, Books for Loan, and more!

What activities can I do at the campground? There are a number of fun things for you and your kids to do at the campground, in and around the office there is free Wi-Fi, a Pool table, a Foosball table, a basketball court, a television, and much more.

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